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Expand your potential for effortless living


Benefits of Rolfing®

  • Decompresses joints, nerves, muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, and organs

  • Reorganize feet, legs, pelvis, spine, shoulders, arms, hands and cranium 

  • Improves mobility, opens facial restrictions, and corrects posture

  • Ease of sitting, standing, walking, running and playing sports

  • Improve work environments

  • Correct driving induced issues

The human body is held and shaped by a continuous structure of connective tissue called fascia, which is the container and connector of muscles, bones, and organs. It is alive and forms the relationships between each structure and can be glued together or moving freely.


As we develop, we grow in gravity and begin to put on layers of compensations in our fascia to help us manage to stay upright in many circumstances. With gravity, we are being pulled off center, so we must counter that, as that is compensation of sorts. Like a domino effect, we become wound tight in our own tissue. Each injury, surgery, repetitive motion stress, stationary position stress and even internal misperceptions of where we are in the world have a chain of events like this leading to disorganization, pain, and dysfunction of all kinds.


Rolfing aims to undo and reset the fascial restrictions to bring the body into its most organized potential state. By creating length and space where short and tight the body can regain its ability to organize without being in its own way. The untwisting of joints and untangling of bonded facial layers can differentiate muscles bones organs nerves tendons & ligaments thus we feel free to move and be more easily.

Rolfing Is For Everyone

  • Prepare for and recover from surgery and prevent repetitive stress injuries  

  • Optimize athletic performance and prepare for competition

  • Reset body after pregnancy birth and breastfeeding

  • Educate ahead of time on how our joints work to prevent unwanted habits 

  • Learn how cellphones and computers can work FOR our bodies, not against them, by learning how to properly use our tools


The Rolfing 10-Series Process 

Rolfing® is ten steps to completely realign.



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