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Rosalynde Sara Smith, Certified Rolfer and Rolf Movement Practitioner



My name is Rosalynde Sara Smith. I am a Certified Rolfer and Rolf Movement Practitioner. Rolfing Structural Integration has been the main focus of my professional endeavors since 2005. I graduated Basic Structural training 2007 at The Dr. Ida Rolf Institute (formerly The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration) in Boulder Colorado and promptly enrolled to learn the movement integration aspect of the work. I’ve practiced Rolfing since 2007 in Longmont, Boulder, Glenwood Springs and now Denver as exploreRolfing, serving the greater Denver area near the Capitol. I’ve watched dynamic changes in clients in my practice through the Rolfing 10-series work. The Structural work creates alignment where people often feel and function much better than before their session. Currently, I practice Rolfing® in the community of Denver, Colorado. I am honored to have trained with many of the highly respected teachers and practitioners in my field; Marcia Babcock, Michael Polon, Jon Martine, Suzanne Picard, Holly Curtis, Jane Harrington, David Clark, Merlin Madrid, Russell Stolzoff, and Liz Krull.


My personal experience being rolfed has transformed my whole relationship with my body. Rolfing helped me to realign and integrate my body after years of sports, ballet, snowboarding, and mothering. Rolfing has enhanced my awareness of where my body is in space and increased possibilities for movement.  I have lived in Colorado my entire life. As a lifestyle, I strive to improve my understandings of how our bodies are and offer inspiration. In addition to rolfing, I practice, study and teach The Nia Technique® to further my experience in joy through movement. The movement patterning in conjunction with the Rolfing series has become the key to lasting change above and beyond the structural work on its own. I thrive in the movement world as a NIA instructor and ED facilitator. My passions stretch to being in nature, understanding quality food, parenting, snowboarding, travel, creating choice and possibilities and ongoing learning.

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